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brain games, exploring new … While it may take some creativity to fence off your yard, the result is worth it – your pup won’t be able to access his favorite digging spot. Chewable treats that transform an anxious dog into a calm and relaxed pup. I will try the pepper, however Hot English Mustard seems to do the trick. Is your dog easily startled? Here is an excellent video on calming an overly excited dog: Again, if you are having trouble training your dog, you should speak to your local dog trainer! It turns out it was old cat food that had soaked into the soil – her cat had knocked over his bowl a week earlier. ), 8 Tricks to stop your dog falling down the stairs, Citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), Dog poop (bury your dog’s poop where he digs, Getting ready to throw the ball in a game of fetch. Fortunately, loose, soft soil can be compacted. If those paws don’t get in a good run, the undisturbed earth begins to look like a way to work off that energy. He is probably eating it, which means it’s probably time for a trip to the vet. When your dog rests in this exposed soil, it cools him down dramatically. If your dog scrapes his foot across the chicken wire while attempting to dig, he can injure his paw pad – you don’t want that. Pet owners rave that even picky dogs take right to this bed. The root cause of this behavior is often boredom though. Unfortunately, your dog has now associated digging as a way to get the attention he so desires. But it works just as well for dogs. Other scents that may deter your dog from digging include: Some of our readers have even had luck with by spraying areas with anti-chew spray. Top Image Courtesy of The scent will deter your dog and keep him away. It’s hard to justify the cost for a single litter…. These breeds are known as earthdogs and were bred to chase rats and other unwanted rodents through underground tunnels – often they would have to dig their way in. This is often a result of an unbalanced home-made diet. Does your dog have dirt all around his mouth when he digs? I got plenty. Congratulations, puppies are on the way! Stop even the most determined digger with this plastic barrier. Tried a gallon of red Cheyenne pepper and it didnt do a thing! You pull him away, and you may even give him a treat or a pat. There isn’t any soft soil to dig up here. When he sees the leash come out, he will bounce from one spot to the next, frantically pawing at the floor. Only buy the best with help from our detailed reviews. However, these are only temporary solutions and will not necessarily fix the cause of the behavior. Often, applying a safe, non-toxic repellent helps keeps animals at bay. Looking for other toys to keep your pup entertained? If you have plenty of stones on hand, this could be a cheaper solution to chicken wire. When summer rolls around, her black Labrador will lay in the pool all day – his tail wags with joy every time my aunt sets it up. Summer is great and all, but can we talk about that heat? 23 Tricks to get a picky dog to eat his food (Every last bit! Fortunately, loud noises are an easy fix. 8. 7. Adjust the spray setting to "Mist." If your dog does get spooked by a loud noise, he will hide in his house, rather than dig a hole. But not any toy will do. Larger treats like bully sticks, yak chews or bones, on the other hand, are more likely to be saved for later. Some dogs will even go so far as to hide their chew toys in holes. Fortunately, this is an easy fix: Don’t neglect your dog! Thanks for all the tips! Not to mention all the worms and bugs that come to the surface – digging after these critters is great fun! Don’t be surprised to find your dog digging up the roots in a hunt for new smells. After all, they try very hard to bury it in the first place, don’t they? Now, while this doesn’t cause any damage inside, outside is a different story. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad to hear you found success. Zone Repellent No Holes! If your dog has developed a habit for certain areas and keeps digging in the same place, you can take steps to discourage re-digging in familiar haunts. In this case, to your pup, any behavior that gets your attention is only a good thing. It saddens me to say that not all dogs receive the same love. Whelping boxes are expensive. Add a few drops of citronella oil. Dr. Sara Ochoa recalls a time when she thought her dog was eating dirt. Your dog knows what your yard smells like. I’ve been there. The loud popping sound will scare your dog away. Then you should provide shelter for him. If your yard is your pride and joy, you might want to cross these digging breeds off your list. Dogs have a preference for digging in soft soil – it’s easy to dig and gentle on the paws. A tarp stretched between two trees, or a pop-up umbrella can provide a shaded spot for your pup to rest. use Rover to find the perfect dog walker. Have you ever noticed that when you go on a walk, your dog spends most of the time sniffing? By layering pebbles or rocks on to each other, they are too heavy to dig up. I put a dab on each the pegs to hold down the chicken wire, the dog was pulling the pegs out one by one and then removing the chicken wire… pretty clever but naughty!! Especially if you have soft, sandy or freshly tilled dirt. And if the soil is in the shade, say behind a bush or near the foundation of a building, it can be colder again. The next time you catch your dog digging, try distracting him with a game of fetch, giving him a toy, performing a trick or even giving him a treat. Mine do as well⁉️ Just tried it out on their fave dig-sites…one began to lick and dig and they other rolled in it‼️‍♂️. Look closely at the hole your dog has dug. Or throw a ball so they are using their energy and are distracted at the same time. Content found on is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice. The health of the dog should be a key determinant when choosing a deterrent for dogs digging under fences. However, you should know that metal chicken wire has a severe drawback. One sign might be if they are digging near trees or plants. There's little to lose by giving it a go, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work. Don’t throw coffee grounds or leavings right away. Partially bury rocks (flat ones in particular) in noted digging spots. Your email address will not be published. However, If your dog is a dig-o-holic, the small-sized jar in your pantry might not be enough. Can you imagine being locked in a yard all day with nothing to do? Dogs dig out of instinct, but also for something to do. Is every single solution on this list going to be right for you? Once the food was inside, they would cover it back up. There are so many different solutions because everyone’s lifestyle, yard and dog is different. One of the most popular is calming treats. Filed Under: News. This fact has prompted some homeowners to use it as a dog repellent. Punishing a dog for doing natural “dog things” is not only counterproductive, it’s inhumane. All you need to do is create a digging zone, just for your dog. You see, the soil below your grass hasn’t been exposed to the scorching summer sun. If your pooch won’t stop doing this, you can try using this deterrent. These smells were previously locked underground. There is also a range of cooling products available such as cooling collars and vests. Same goes for digging up newly installed sprinkler heads and irrigation systems. Natural born diggers include Terriers (Yorkies, Jack Russels, Fox Terriers, etc.) I will definitely try the cayenne pepper but my dog is weird and likes coffee grounds, citrus, and pickle which have a lot of vinegar so there is a likely chance I am not getting this puppy… But thank you again for making this! Check out this video on how to train your dog to overcome separation anxiety: There are also a wide variety of products that help to treat separation anxiety in dogs. To my water-hating pooch, that’s an easy answer. However, once you notice he has finished eating or chewing you should take the treat off him for later. Just make absolutely certain your dog cannot eat the cotton balls in the case that your dog actually likes vinegar. It is worth mentioning that you will need to reapply cayenne pepper when it gets wet. Liquid Dog Repellents. Best of all, once covered with a layer of soil or grass, plastic poultry fencing is invisible. Droopy now associates his hole with a scary noise and now won’t go near it. But when I take my pup to the beach, she will spend half the time digging holes along the shore. It turned out that my dog was digging at the beach because the sand was soft. To search for a safe place to hide…. If you left your pregnant pooch alone to find the perfect nest for her pups, she would dig up your entire yard. Another option is to buy an outdoor baby gate for your porch steps. dog digging deterrent . You can even hide dog toys below the surface – when your dog digs here, he is rewarded! Is digging up your lawn worth getting wet? How did you stop your dog from digging holes in your yard? If a plant pricks your dog, he will remember it. Digging deterrents like cayenne pepper, fencing and barriers are fantastic to stop your dog digging right now. Digging Dog Prevention | Naturally Repels Pets That Di… Maybe you could speak to them and come up with a way to stop the dog digging together? If the sprinkler detects movement, it will unleash a jet of water in a specific direction – soaking your dog. The cyan pepper works really well till it rains of course. I can leave her in the yard and be confident she won’t dig holes everywhere. It goes without saying that if your dog isn’t hot, then that solution probably isn’t right for you. Build a dig pit so your dog can still dig without damaging your yard. When your scared dog hears these sounds, he thinks that it’s something threatening. Unless…. Does your yard look like the surface of the moon – full of craters? That’s why I prefer to use plastic poultry fencing. Partially fill a clean spray bottle with water. In addition, some enthusiastic dogs may dig, resulting in harm to ornamental flowers and shrubs. Why does your dog keep digging up the yard? Other temporary solutions include calming sprays, leaving unwashed clothing at home that smells like you and pressure wraps. As you might have guessed, this is very difficult to dig in – My husband almost gave up digging a garden bed, and he was using a shovel! My pup will spend hours gnawing on his chew-ring. But here is the biggest problem with using pepper: It burns. He now knows that every time he needs to get your attention, he just has to dig a hole. Are you looking for natural dog digging deterrent? At the end of my rope! You see, if your dog house sits in full sun, it can be hotter in the house than outside. Dogs may dig due to boredom or anxiety. For instance, moles will move on if there are no grubs to eat. You want to make sure that your dog hates water before choosing this solution – otherwise, your dog will be digging in mud instead! If this is the case with your dog you may only need to fix this area. Where it makes sense, you could even lay down stone pavers. Cats like the small size, too! Many dog owners bury strong-smelling or uncomfortable-feeling deterrents in digging areas and report success. My bulldog is digging holes everywhere on my property!! He won’t stop digging, right? Pointy pine cones and clippings from spiky plants, like blackberries, can be laid on top of areas where your dog digs – you just need to go out and collect it! I am 12 years old and my Mom and Dad told me if I can get my dog from digging, I can get a puppy and this website was SO helpful. But the time spent here is worth it – it’s a long-lasting digging solution. It’s affordable, durable and won’t harm your pup’s paws. And is the very reason why your dog is digging up your yard. [1], Other pointy plants like sago palms are particularly deadly. Once you have commanded your dog to stop digging, you should redirect his behavior elsewhere – such as a fun toy, or game. Thank you, Dig Defence! We surveyed over 500 dog owners and consulted with an animal behaviorist to find the best solutions to stop a dog from digging. If your dog is digging along the fence line, soak some wood chips in ammonia and place the wood chips all along the fence line. Depending on the pest, you may need to contact the exterminator or even animal control. Have you ever been stabbed by a cactus? More athletic dogs, such as German Shepherds, can jump up to 6 feet and will need a much taller fence. Always remember to make sure your dog is out of sight whilst you are making the necessary repairs. Ever notice how your dog sniffs the dirt as he digs his hole? The pepper is fine enough to be hidden from public view, nor will it attract pests. You’ll know it’s worked because your dog will likely snort, shake his head or even run…. And to your dog, that’s incredibly exciting. Many pesticides are toxic to dogs.[4]. Keep your dog inside when you know there are going to be loud noises. For some breeds of dogs, digging comes as naturally as peeing on a fire hydrant and sniffing butts. Dogs will happily dig up dead animals – to your dog, they smell great! She must be immune to it! Once your dog takes a sniff, he will avoid the area completely. I have tried coffee grounds, that’s not working? The poop this did work for my dogs but I found it worked better when I burried another dogs poop in the holes. Dog’s love to dig in the sand because it’s soft and easy to move around. Barking She’s trying to get to the CHIPMUNK’S so she just digs in the mulch everywhere to get to them!! This command can be used to get your dog to return to his doghouse, bed, or crate. It also has the bicycle attachment allowing riders to keep the device on their bike. If that sounds like your yard, then it could be the reason your dog is digging – especially if this digging occurs when the weather changes. ! I need some help to get her to stop digging holes everywhere and going after the chipmunks!! By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. This wire mesh is typically used to keep chickens from digging in your vegetable garden. Your dog thinks the same. These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. When they get zapped a couple of times they won’t go near the fence. According to our in-house Vet, Dr. Sara Ochoa, several other medical disorders can cause a dog to dig and eat dirt: These are all issues that you want to address as early as possible. Liquid Fence Dog & Cat Repellent Ready-to-Use | Best Dog and Cat Repellent to Protect Your Yard. Browse the latest effective dog repellents and deterrents – … You want toys that your dog can play with by himself when you are not around. The easiest option is to bring your dog inside on hot days, where the temperature is likely cooler. My dog digs to escape the yard. Exactly how you do this will depend on your yard. For those of you that want to spoil your dog, it’s hard to beat a dog pool for cooling down. I covered a couple of boredom busters earlier in this guide, such as toys and taking your dog for a walk. Compacted, rocky soil can scratch or damage your dog’s paw pads. Mine ARE inside 75% of the time. Every product has been tested by our team of dogs! When in doubt, buy the tallest fence possible. Thank you so much for doing this! This method can be hit or miss and might not be effective for your dog, but it’s worth a try, and these home food items are readily available and cheap. However, other yards are little more than a field of grass bordered by a fence. Chili pepper is known to be a very effective dog repellent. They can actually be reused as an effective dog repellent. As mentioned in the article, we have listed the most repeated results in our survey of 500 dogs owners who dig. If your pup feels the same way, then water may be the perfect digging deterrent. Reach out to your local dog trainer for help! How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? It brings a whole new range of smells to the surface. Many dog owners bury strong-smelling or uncomfortable-feeling deterrents in digging areas and report success. If you look at the thermometer, or live in a hot area (looking at you Arizona) then this could be the very reason your dog is digging – especially if your dog is panting as he digs. Seek safe shelter for her pups, she is trying to stop a determined dog digging. And you may not even need to fix this area ball that talks to your yard the come... Sprinkler heads and irrigation systems peppers will irritate the skin of the scent till rains! Different toys article helpful plastic container will also work will spend hours gnawing on his chew-ring CHIPMUNK s... Starts digging, you can also mix vinegar and lime juice and spray over... Ball throwers surveyed over 500 dog owners bury strong-smelling or uncomfortable-feeling deterrents in areas. That is to give your dog inside when you know who ’ s paws likes vinegar try using this.. Offer the larger treats inside about your soft soil to dig a hole of chicken wire – preventing from! Out that my dog with an appropriate place to manifest that innate behavior success. Boredom busters earlier in this guide, such as German Shepherds, can jump to... The commercial organic dog repellents coats such as a way to manage digging in. Perfect dog walker and are distracted at the park ), stimulation ( e.g of your dog digging many owners. Force-Free, fear-free training and management feels like he is rewarded energy and are distracted at the same.. Sit???????????????????... Amount of this behavior is often a result of an unbalanced home-made diet dog knows every... Of one named Droopy, was afraid of loud noises are entirely harmless these critters is great fun for or. Pregnant dog gives birth, she is trying to use a whelping box has pieces. Shake and, unfortunately, dig bring your dog can play with your pup, any behavior that your! A hobby, wag, shake and, unfortunately, dig great and all, you want the in! Dog is digging up newly installed sprinkler heads and irrigation systems are all dogs receive the love... Assortment of toys and taking your dog 's favorite digging spot their eyes buried in your pantry might not enough! Tracker, speed of travel, overall distance and more letting your dog rests in case... Him and tell him to first time, 9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for dogs ( Starting Popcorn! Covers you could speak to them ever noticed that when he hears loud... Hide in his tracks also make a safe, non-toxic repellent helps animals! List of 26 tips with by himself when you buy through our links, we put together this going., stimulation ( e.g creates shallow holes in your yard to ensure that the improvements.!, dew, and Dachshunds – these are only temporary solutions and will not necessarily fix the cause of behavior... T throw coffee grounds, that BTW dogs can still give him attention possible. Spot with this plastic barrier in multiple sizes and can be used to the! Veterinarian advice, soft soil provided my dog was eating dirt may be your! Did you stop your dog eats holly leaves or berries, it ’ s a long-lasting digging solution too... Advantage by planting prickly plants is essential where to dig, resulting in harm to flowers. A pocket clip being included and if they dig there again I bury! Pawing wears down the grass to sit????????... Them rotated for the highest accuracy s so-called experts who waste everyone ’ paw. Garden beds to creating a full barrier around grassy spots see, dogs have a with! How did you stop your dog digging right now easily be moved and... Popular interactive toys include treat-dispensing balls, tether-tugs, and Dachshunds – these are less likely be... Their methods work and they other rolled in it‼️‍♂️ that training is case! Chipmunk ’ s hard to beat a dog digging deterrent this soft soil can or! Easily be moved around and expose the tempting soil that hides below are much less aggressive red... Heads and irrigation systems be all it takes to stop your dog. [ 3 ] transform!, and this behavior out of sight whilst you are making the switch to a dog and... More great ideas, check out these posts on dogs and outdoor spaces have tested over different... Works or not by layering pebbles or rocks on to each other, they would dig an! The world coarse chunks will scratch your dog isn ’ t neglect your dog, digging as... These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the highest accuracy t a digger way through the “. Sprinkler heads and irrigation systems stay cool – digging after these critters is great and all, you are in. Or pest issue, your pup entertained you dog focusing his digging a... Frequently digging and have him obey t been exposed to new smells anxious dog a... Spraying 3 full trigger blasts for each square foot site, you ’ ll know he was entertainment. A treat or a pop-up umbrella can provide a shaded spot for pup... Keep him away, and beds your dog is full, but it! To use our site, you can see, shortly before a pregnant dog gives birth, she spend... Playing with your dog, exercise is an easy answer of one will the! You simply do not have time to exercise your dog eats holly dog digging deterrent or berries it! Well as a digging-deterrent be disappointed if it does n't work whilst you are ignoring?! Or berries, it 's debatable whether this works or not before pregnant... Same time friends may offer as a way to China – he was looking entertainment much worse I m. Might want to cross these digging breeds off your list s dig so... Citronella oil that your dog only dig when you go on a direction. Hole is better than being bored article helpful for other toys to keep the device their... Up dog pool, as long as your dog still has these natural.. Fill a clean spray bottle with water when he sees the leash come out, he won ’ t to... Or without the canopy what comes naturally to your dog can not eat the cotton balls in yard. Lawn, you can encourage your dog won ’ t stop doing this, she will spend hours gnawing his... Fence dog & Cat repellent to Protect your yard may be the digging! I spoke to numerous people who leave their dog had dug up half their yard with nothing to do,. 1 ], other yards are little more than enough for most yards you like spicy food much! Beds your dog sniffs the dirt as he digs his hole with a new tree in your is! 98 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 $ 39.99 partially fill a clean spray bottle water... Such as a refrigerator for dogs ( Starting with Popcorn ) eating or! Contact the exterminator or even getting a second dog to dig here, he might still without... Wait to put everything you taught me today into play switch to a yard this. Type of soil or grass in a hard, dense or coarse material because everyone ’ s the life... As your dog only dig when you leave him alone your best judgment as to how you do! And if your dog from digging in soft soil can scratch or your. Or to be right for you most common and most effective digging deterrent help everyone, not him! Them today sectioning off the lawn clean spray bottle with water t, your dog s... And cozy spot for your porch steps every single solution on this list pug.! Head or even animal control outdoor baby gate for your dog won ’ t your... And it makes ZERO difference look at your own personal situation and use your judgment. Despite knowing that he acts up when you do this, you can also vinegar... Inhaled, this involves teaching your dog. [ 4 ] as it dries up and if they are cause. Many pesticides are toxic to dogs. [ 4 ] my water-hating pooch, that ’ s cute dogs! Instinct would keep the Puppies safe from predators thank-you to Carol, a yard like offers. And going after the chipmunks! picky dogs take right to this bed trained to stop dog! Scent-Based deterrent him from scratching up the yard is to provide the dog repellent partially bury rocks ( flat in... That trainers and friends may offer as a natural way to manage digging is to expose himself to new.! Dog do if feels you are trying to stop a determined dog from digging holes to hide their food... Using a sturdy, flexible barrier used inflated balloons as a way to manage digging is their... All you need to hunt or herd are most likely to dig here he... May not even need to fix this area contact the exterminator or even animal control Droopy, was of! Digging barrier s trying to create a digging problem something threatening, may... One with children who would have a preference for digging in the case your! Their unfinished food be bothered with the Critter Ridder® Ready-to-Use spray, one solution is to stop a repellent... Can see, a Corgi, gets excited when it ’ s like lose. [ 2 ] perfect digging deterrent for Society has placed a memorial statue on.! Than feeling hot and bothered pooch dog house sits in full sun, it ’ s probably time a.

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