category h firearms licence nsw

If your renewal application is for an A, B, or H firearms licence only, and your pensioner status has changed and you'd like approval for a fee exemption: the NSW Police Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 and request the application category H firearms licence application forms be sent out to you. Anyone here have a firearms license (category H) In NSW. I'm about to apply for the license after I go through a safety training lesson and signing up with my local club. While firearms licensing and hunting regulations differ from state to state, the National Firearms Agreement sets out the different categories of firearms that are legal in Australia. Below are examples of persons requiring firearms in these categories: Feral/pest control, Primary production, Theatrical Ordnance supplier’s licence, Firearms Licence (Instructor), Dealers and Armourers. Step 1: Contact the NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 and tell them you would like to apply for a Category A and B license for hunting and target shooting. hold a full Category H firearms licence be a current member of an approved target shooting club. recognised licence means a licence issued under the law in force in another State or Territory that is equivalent to a category A, category B or category H licence issued in this State. Obtain your Category A or B Firearms Licence through our VETAB approved Firearms Licence … All persons possessing firearms in NSW must comply with the safe keeping and storage requirements prescribed by the Firearms Act 1996, the Firearms Regulation 2006 and as recommended by the Commissioner. Want to use or own a long-arm firearm? They will send the following: a P561 personal details form and a P660 target General Category Handgun and Category E Handgun Licence General Category H Handgun licence Allows you to possess, carry or use handguns being firearms that do not exceed 65cm in length measured parallel to the barrel and are not a Category … Firearm Categories. If you already have a Category H (Handgun) licence, and are a current or recent member of another approved club: Obtain a National Police Check certificate (information is on the ACT or NSW Firearms Registry pages) Obtain a letter from an official at your present or most recent club stating that you are (or have recently … If you have never held a firearms licence or permit in NSW, or you do not currently hold an equivalent issued firearms licence or permit interstate, you are required to complete a firearms safety training course and provide evidence of … complete Delete a Firearm Category or Genuine Reason during Licence Reapplication – PDF and email it to In some circumstances a Category C endorsement may be approved due to medical reasons, (Contact Weapons … This is the Firearms Licence Qualification (Long-arms) course and it is a requirement that all new firearms licence applicants in NSW complete and pass the course or a course approved by the Commissioner of Police (clause 122, Firearms Regulation 2006). The different categories of firearms are the same in every state and territory in Australia. Step 2: Contact our club and arrange for a firearms safety course (this costs around $70) Step 3: Join our club and have our Club Officials sign your paperwork or send … relevant firearm means a firearm to which a category A, category B or category H licence issued in this State, that is equivalent to the recognised licence … This FACT sheet provides information on the safe keeping and storage requirements applicable to all Category C, D & H firearm licence … Category A and B firearms are the … I understand its a probationary license for 6 months before I can own a hand gun and then another 6 months after that before I get my full license.

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