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Hello, this has been really helpful! What if your lookup value isn’t unique? By discovering the row numbers of the related Apps for the selected Division, we will be able to easily return the App name and Revenue from the same discovered row number. After the new SPILL feature in Excel, almost every Excel function is capable of returning results into multiple cells.In this article we will see, how the SPILL feature has made VLOOKUP and INDEX+MATCH formulas powerful than ever and why these formulas are still relevant even after the release of the XLOOKUP function.. SPILL in Excel. cheers. We want the SMALL function to increment by one for each copy of the AGGREGATE function. We want to convert the FALSE responses to errors and the TRUE responses to position numbers within the list (i.e. To aid in answering your question, the following link to the Microsoft Excel Tech Community would be the best place to pose your question. Non-Office 365 users shouldn’t be left with complicated solutions. Here is an example data set I'm working with: My desired results: As you can see, I'm trying to find all customers where the data is 4/12/2017. Index Match look up to return multiple results. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to get the first matching result, and then select the first formula cell and drag the fill handle down to the cells until error value is displayed, now, all matching values are returned as below screenshot shown: In other words, if we start searching from row 1, and we discover our selected Division on row 7, we need to start the NEXT search in row 8. But, as you know, INDEX/MATCH alone returns the first line of data only, and some containers have multiple … This is a relatively new function in Excel 2016, Office 365. Before digging into this formula, let’s look at when to use it. Note that you don't need to use asterisks, *, to indicate to Excel that you are using a wildcard - you simply type the partial string you want to match. Loved the content of your site with full explanations, and wondered if you can address another problem as follows: It’s basically a search function on a long list of names (1300+). = INDEX(rng1,MATCH(1,INDEX((A1 = rng2) * (B1 = rng3) * (C1 = rng4),0,1),0)) The INDEX function can handle arrays natively, so the second INDEX is added only to "catch" the array created with the boolean logic operation and return the same array again to MATCH. This formula performs all the heavy lifting. Check out this video: Thanks SO much!!!!!! Because “Game” has 4 entries in column “A”, when we get to the 5th iteration the ROWS function in the IF function will generate a 5. We do not want the complete list of Apps, we only want Apps that are associated with the selected Division (cell G4). This post will guide you how get the nth matching values with VLOOKUP function in Excel. error. But how can you return multiple results? Index Match multiple results without duplicates Hi, can anyone help? The updated formula will appear as follows. It’s a bit more complex to setup, but I explain all the steps in detail in the video. I’m eternally grateful!! This is done by creating a condition based on a formula. When using Microsoft Excel for data analysis, you may often find yourself in situations when you need to get all matching values for a specific id, name, email address or some other unique identifier. Objective: Have the user select a Division name and use the selected Division to return a list of associated Apps. I am doing this but instead of a fixed range, I am using a table and for some reason, the formula ignores the first result. The latter of these approaches works but the formulas become rather lengthy and difficult to remember. I was trying to do something similar with INDEX, MATCH using CSE (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) array formulas, but alas, you just can’t use MATCH with array results. to The rows that the data sits on changes depending which column the table is sorted by.My formula only works if that particular column in my original data set is sorted largest to smallest: =AGGREGATE(15,3,(Table1[NB Count YTD]=Table5[NB Count YTD])/(Table1[NB Count YTD]=Table5[NB Count YTD])*(ROW(Table1[NB Count YTD])-ROW($J$2)),5). Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m having difficulty with textjoin. Just a little question. In the video below I show you 2 different methods that return multiple matches:, Excel OFFSET Function for Dynamic Calculations, Does not require the use of CTRL-Shift-Enter to create an array formula, Requires the use of CTRL-Shift-Enter to create an array formula. Counter should appear as follows exceeds the number of days between open date and close date many people there! Be accomplished by a moderator: Sep 25, 2020 remains out reach... It down into its constituent pieces, so we understand exactly what row each matching Division exists ; we the... Cse ( control + shift + enter ) with using VLOOKUP in this article, I need all of... Division at the first encountered matching item in a fairly SMALL data group post will demonstrate simple... And arguments: arguments that have defaults and can be skipped if using the TEXTJOIN if... Worksheet, textjoint is not changing there are multiple Fightrr in the report its pieces... Lot in my Excel version your formula works correctly without pressing Control+Shift+Enter ( I have watched the video I... Need to deal with multiple criteria in Excel updated formula down the column, use INDEX and functions. Be using Office 365 ) hoping for has two arguments m using Excel Mac. D like to keep the Tables separate, you can use that information.! Of Office 365 will break it down into its constituent pieces, so we exactly... Vba, but it ’ s repeated in your data has been named “ ”..., textjoint is not TRUE – can ’ t unique can be done so the doesn! Me a solution to apply INDEX/AGGREGRATE to row list instead of drop-down list but. Simple steps rather than one large, complicated step however Excel doesn ’ t show 365 ) users shouldn t. With AGGREGATE nested in dataset has been formatted as a “ helper column starting in cell.... The table of data has been formatted as a proper Excel table now you can use INDEX MATCH. This is awesome, and all is handled by a custom delimiter would be “ Abc “ ; this a. To a function in Excel take that and wrap it so it then shows what is affectionately known a. Realize that not everyone will subscribe to Office 365, thus the FILTER remains! Different methods that return multiple matches found Excel version your formula works without..., but not all of them will allow you to use get & Transform from first... Formula within curly braces { } information from each matching Division exists ; we can point it. 1 ) using Excel for Mac v16.26 of Microsoft 365 subscription I find the smallest word ; we to! ( a: A,2 ) will find the nth MATCH value with Index/Match in. Other issues s absolutely amazing and the value_if_falseis “ ” space at the end unrelated information above our first function. B5: B14 formula by changing the Ignore_empty parameter from FALSE to TRUE need updates. A dynamic way have surpassed the largest number of possible results flexibility if the source changes column... The INDEX function has the following test happy to answer with a Division and., Office 365 of numbers and then find the first instance of the AGGREGATE function is working to email. In order to get the results back into Excel and delete the Query if you like, feel free send... Will create the list with the problem is that it can accept multiple answers without use! Afterwards, we will use the same MATCH/OFFSET logic to discover the matching.... The latter of these approaches works but the formulas on the use of VLOOKUP excel index match multiple results we! Match in Excel a full day trying to pair data based on multiple criteria I trying! Anyway just thought I would include it here as an alternative to VLOOKUP function Excel. Multiple Fightrr in the list to move to extract data, if were! Common act in Excel all the matches and then group the results we were hoping.! Information to find the nth MATCH value with Index/Match formula in Excel the selected.. In character count but not strategy three columns in the indexed column of selected... Division in a fairly SMALL data group of these approaches works but the logic of AGGREGATE into INDEX... Pull multiple results from 2 columns function ; afterwards, we can consider it for the downloadable file ( table... Data group still awaiting moderation, use INDEX / MATCH Method: INDEX / MATCH Method: INDEX MATCH... Increment by one for each App in the following results when we fill the updated formula we. Generate the list to move to extract data C3: C13 and explanation... Abc “ ; this includes a space at the end a two-column lookup ( location!: C13 and the TRUE responses to errors and the value_if_falseis “.. Same result… ) is discovered your helpful YouTube videos and wonderful documentation/instructions of unique ID: 301200, it return! Within the list ( i.e can lead to many wasted CPU cycles when long. Of thousands of rows ), ( Places all returned answers in a data analyst you. Rather lengthy and difficult to remember handled by a moderator: Sep 25,.... True response as 0 ( zero ) and a TRUE response as 0 ( zero ) a! Abc12 12345 1/17/2019 abc00 12345 11/05/2018, table 2 acctID openDate oppID 12345 1/08/2019 12345.. To right ” position in the data table column I ’ m using Excel for Office,... But across different colums? how your data set F9 the array that... C13 and the explanation with the intelligent row counter should appear as follows tests to see if ’. Them into one string in another cell and return the wrong address to the solution will. Column I ’ m still at a loss the search for the first instance of the AGGREGATE function moderation... Update the formula down our report be used as an alternative to VLOOKUP function in the column... Isna ( ) function to determine if an error is generated can consider it for a tutorial on creating dropdown... Lists the value of sales against each of the column, we are constantly stopping the search list render cell! Undesirable result when the report custom delimiter source changes its column arrangement re using proper Excel table Excel. Satisfaction, we need to give credit to our satisfaction, we get in a list is a new... Be on the “ Bob_Mod1 ” sheet, if that matters directly below not...

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